How to travel in smartphone world

Travelling has reached a level like never before.

Business or leisure travel with laptops,notebooks guidebooks has gone pass us. In the age of savvy travel, smartphone such as Iphones and android phones personified pocket traveler. Whether you are on vacation, on business trip or backpacking, your trip has become easier, smoother, cheaper and lighter !

Organizing a trip can be as easy as Tripit apps does – A master organizer. It organizes and allows you carry your travel information in your iPhone, helps you stay organized during your trip. I have the apps on my phone but I have never us it. Though it works as your master organizer, it takes out the fun of an impromptu trips, it might not work if you don’t have your whole itinerary booked.

Now lets have fun planning, booking, checking for your trips by Smartphone, shall we?

Flight Booking – Almost all Airline have their booking apps such AirAsia, if not booking page in mobile version. Now after you’ve done your booking you might want to check the currency exchange and Oanda is the best in my experience. It allows you to check daily currency converter rates from your iphone and android for free. You might need to know a rough currency exchange to the country you are going, before you head to the airport.

On your way to the airport you might want to check the status of your flight, so miFlightTrack is best in fitting its purposes. Iphone has Passbook apps that allows users to store boarding passes, event tickets, hostel booking or event tickets. By having your boarding pass sent and stored in your phone as square barcode, you don’t need to print a paper boarding pass. Iphone also have a Weather apps installed in it that affiliated with yahoo weather.

Planning :

Airline booking Apps

My Personal pick : Passbook, oanda, flighttracking

I always use Googlemaps as my main map and navigator. Usually before I embark my trip, I would search and zoom in the place I am going and the info is stored in the Iphone. The place will be streamed the next time I zoom it in even when there’s no internet / wife connection. For driving Waze is most useful from point A to Be guided assistant, but uses battery capacity a lot. Getting in touch with family and friends back home is never been as smooth as by Whatsapps. Similar function to it is Viber, it uses wifi connection to send texts and voice calls. In addition to Whatsapp and Viber, Sype is the most user-friendly for video call. While you are on the move Tripadvisor advise you on hotels, where to eat and attractions based on reviews.

Navigating :


My personal pick : GoogleMaps and Whatsapp

For the backpackers alike ( I wrote post on backpacking HERE ) who’s looking for a cheaper accommodation, Hostelworld apps is geo-tagged directory of 35,000 listings for budget hotels, right at your fingertips complete with user reviews. This allows you to book a hostel on the moves and you can minimized your chances of booking a bug-infested bed if you carefully read the hostel reviews.

The most  convenient accommodation booking on the go apps

Lastly, your trip seems meaningless if you didn’t immortalized the experience by sharing it online by Instagram. It is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking apps that allows you share your mobile pictures on other platform such as facebook, twitter and tumblr.

Catchy and crispy pictures

The sharing part via instagram is the best part of the overall experience travelling in smartphone world. You don't need the most hi-tech and cutting edge apps to travel conveniently in my opinion. What apps do you have and use in your iphone or android?

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