Cameron Highland

This highland is the most popular destination among Malaysian and international tourist aside from other highland like Fraser Hill or Bukit Tinggi . Due to its cool weather and lush greenary, people flock to this highland on every weekend, school break and public holiday are the worst time to go. Affordable accomodation is hard to find in peak holiday season and getting car park is a nightmare. I went with my family in the weekend just after long Chinese New Year long weekend

How To Reach Cameron Highland by public transport:
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From Ipoh, there are buses  from Ipoh’s Medan Kidd bus terminal (5 min walk from the train station) to Tanah Rata. The buses travel via Simpang Pulai and stop at towns such as Kampong Raja and Brinchang.
From Kuala Lumpur, buses to Tanah Rata leave from Pudu Sentral Bus Station and it takes around 4.5 hours.

You can also rent a car and drive to Cameron Highlands. There are 2 …

Sarajevo Rose

Dubrovnik had left me a very good impression and Sarajevo awaits for an interesting experience the rest of the trip.

The journey passed through Bosnian vilage before reaching Mostar 3 hours after. I was a bit haunted seeing bullet holes from gunshots at the apartment complex in that town. It was half 6 pm when the bus reaching Mostar where there still sunlight made me able to see whats the town looklikes. The town was on hilly mountain and there were graveyards. I decided to skip Mostar from Dubrovnik though it's half way journey because I'll be there when Sarajevo done.

Arriving around 9 ish I asked the lady at the newsstand how to get to the tram heading to Baščaršija area.

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It is considered to be the main street of Sarajevo and one of its most important landmarks.From behind 3 Bosnian boys approached and gave the direction. They were university student and it was such a welcoming and fr…

Amsterdam in 72 hours

After a very long hiatus, a new year and back on hiatus, without further ado this is my comeback entry. I want to share beautiful pictures on Amsterdam.

Damn Amsterdam is gorgeous !

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Rotterdam in 48 hours

Rotterdam is a city of weird, ugly and amazing skylines. An idealist utopian architecture , It is rickety glass skyscrapers, tall thin Dutch buildings, , concrete boxes that look pulled from Berlin, and small yellow cube houses thrown in to make sure the entire colour palette’s dealt with. It’s unusual for The Netherlands. After being flattened by WWII, it feels like architects were given free range on various plots of land to create something new in each. It’s also been named one of Lonely Planet’s Cities of 2016.

It’s just four hours door-to-door from London , I have a more relaxing way to get here from London . By an Overnight Stenaline Rail and Sail , you can't complain if you loathe an air travel.

It’s a small city that’s easy enough to see and be left hungry in a weekend. I’ve been looking out for places that would make a brilliant travel to and from London and this is one. We stayed for 3 days and there was still more we could have done. Between walks, weird buildings, art…

Tips on getting books for babies

My baby is now 7 months old and he loves playing with remotes and keys. We got some toys around the house but it seems that he is more interested in grown-up things rather than kid stuff. However he loves it when we hand him books. Here are some tips when you want to get your children books:

1. Must not be heavy. 
When they are very small, you will probably be reading and showing the books to them when you are lying on your back. It could be a bit of a workout if the books are heavy. So get small or thin or just non-heavy books for you to read or show them. As they get a bit bigger and start grabbing things, you can be assured that they wont smack themselves with the heavy books, or worse not be interested at all with those books since they cant lift or hold on to them.

2. Soft books / Fabric books. 
These goes without saying. These kinds of books are safe for them to chew on and it would not hurt if they smack themselves against it, and it is easily washable if it gets too dirty. Usua…

Airbnb experience - worst stay in Amsterdam

Get travel credit of USD 65 when you book your airbnb by clicking this discount link 


This was our first try on Airbnb on the Europe trip, as an alternative to hotel which were pricey , I think I will be extra careful when booking this in future. Airbnb is similar to the modern age of online community accommodation couch-surfing & freeloader but a paid one. Out of 3 places we stayed the last one didn't realy live-up to expectation, kinda felt should have stayed in hotel instead. The first one only a 12 hour stay as we arrived at midnight and left at 11am, there was not much to say. The second one in Rotterdam by far the best experience and I loved the city. The third place was the worst ! Read my review below for all 3 :

1st experience

" Great location. Was staying for a night, i have nothing bad to say about the place and the host. Mart on behalf of Frans was freindly and welcoming, the room on first floor was provided with coffee and clean towels. …

Stena Line cruise from Hoek Van Holland to England - An Awesome Experience

We had a tough time deciding what was the best way to travel with a baby from Amsterdam to London, by train via Belgium and Paris, an overnight coach or flying. The train would be pricey, the coach would be tiring, flying would be too much with a baby already, read our experience in last post HERE. With the new addition to our family, roughing it out on the move wont be suitable anymore.

Probably, we stumbled about Amsterdam to London Rail and Sail deal during our research, we read passengers experience and reviews and it appeared to be the best option, we booked Stena Line Cruise return ticket from Hook of Holland to London. Harwich was the port in England, then by train from Harwich to London central - Liverpool Streel station was included in the fare.

We landed at Schipol Airport at night and took direct train to Hoek Van Holland with one change at Schiedam Centrum near Rotterdam. The port located literally just beside the train station. An overnight cruise, the ship leaves the po…