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Wall Decor of IKEA picture ledge

Having picture ledges instead, allows you a flexibility and your frame location can be changed in the overall composition from time to time. This minimized the wall damage if you're re-doing your decor. I like the picture ledges idea and adapted it in my place, got it at IKEA with the rest of items bought ( click HERE ) .

Ikea Arstid 3-armed pendant lamp goes really well with the look I wanted.  Ekrtop sofa I bought few months ago cost RM999 at that time. To complete the whole living room, I got ' Mosslanda picture ledges' RM 34.90 per piece. It has 3 screw points that you need to drill and fix the ledge. The ledges I installed aren't in-line top and bottom. This is to compliment the 8-drawer dresser below.

The picture frames are the selection of RIBBA, NYTTJA, KNOPPANG, HAVERDAL and MARIETORP series.They are neat looking and you can be creative in arranging it.
I must say in the past I always been contemplating in getting furniture and room-decor material from regular furniture store compared to from IKEA. After items bought at the regular store, I visited IKEA and straight away felt the regret of not getting it there. The design and product precision is good in my opinion. The price is somewhat in the same range but offers a trendy design. IKEA stuff isn't cup of tea for some people as it doesn't sell a complete product, you need to assemble it yourself or paid assembly service. To get an assembly service is one of the way to protect you consumer right if the furniture were assembled wrongly or at fault, you can get refunded or an exchange to the new ones.

Pendant lamp from another angle with HEMNES tall wall mirror and Arstid wall lamp to copy the ikea inspired gallery. Tips for tall wall mirror - to be placed near entry door so, it will be the first thing you see how you look like after long hard day. And also before you go out, it is the last place you see yourself in full length to start your day.

You can store your random items flying about in the storage box. The vanity table mirror is must buy items for anyone. Of all this decoration, the ' BE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS' poster was bought elsewhere that I didn't want to get  IKEA's posters. I don't want my guest to say they also have the same artwork at theirs.
It looks like my living room big items are in place, I just need one more rug /carpet.  

The home decor is a good way to add value to your property. Having it designed and furnished to such a trendy look it will increase your selling price if you were to sell it. 

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