Is backpacking glamorous ? Part I

I've been fortunate enough to live abroad and traveled to more than 50+ countries,  4 different continents, staying in hostels for most of the trip even after coming to home country, I was still staying in the hostel away from the comfort of my own home because of travel-bug. I love looking at google map and plot the route excursion with little info of the place I'm going to, so that the experience is more challenging. The.The world is becoming smaller each day with technologies and how easy to travel has become. Not to mention most ended up to the overrated places resulting mediocre experience that isn't significant to a lasting memory. Backpacking in itself is not a glamorous way of travelling that is because :

You have little money
If you’re backpacking you most likely have very little money to travel. Backpacking is the epitome of cheap travelling. It is not glamorous to constantly look after what you pay and always looking for cheaper alternative. If you succeeded being frugal while backpack, you are embodying backpacking to its core meaning. Not glamorous to travel on a tight budget. But a very good insight at the end of it.

You budget what you eat
Asia and South East Asia is the most well known for its cheap and streets food. So if you are backpackers you should always sample streets food because its cheap. Hygiene maybe a little off but if you have bad experience , its also a good experience! Bad experience is good experience after all.
However in Europe, you won’t typically find a cheap meal unless you shop at a grocery store. Backpackers do this while staying in Hostel that has the kitchen facility. Is this glamorous?

You need to do a tough work
Backpacking is actually pretty tough. On my early days of backpacking I tend to pack lots of cloths for a short trip! As I gradually learn over the years, I travel light. On every summer month in Europe,  many school leavers and gap yearer embark their journey to Asia with a huge backpack.For the most part walking is the mode of mobilization. In the hot and humid weather, huge backpack and walking can be really tough.

You wear same cloths or recycles
Backpackers generally look pretty rough with how they dress. The same tshirt is used alternately after 2-3 days. You lost sense of fashion on your journey,your usual attire is cargo pants and tshirt, while
Jeans are very durable for a backpacking in cold country in during winter.

Continue reading Part II in the next post.

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