Bali Guide Part 1 - Idiot peeping on palm tree

Just about this time last year I planned my trip with then girlfriend to Bali. I've been to Bali twice, Bali is island full of myth and mystic. The island of thousands Pura (temple in Javanese),in every corner you would stumble into mythical character sculptures, statues covered with checkered sarong , monkeys and monkey in a form of human (read to the end to find)
I chose Ubud as my sojourn. The authentic Balinese Hindu culture and the lush green atmosphere , the art region is what Ubud is known for. The villa I booked , Motama Villa was perfect on the review I read on price, location setting and the overall look. I love its infinity pool with rice paddy field in the backdrop. This is the image that sold me to stay at this Motama Villa.

Amazing Motama Villa, set deep inside in Peliatan district, Ubud.

After being fetched at the airport we were drove to the Villa, threw our bag on the bed and dove into the pool. Few minutes later , I saw a guy rigorously climbing the palm tree in front of my pool to peek at us. What a pervert ! I threw my flip flop at him and we went back in.

Come to think of it, he probably done that many time before and nobody couldn't be bothered about them being watched in the pool. In the shock of the moment I wasn't prompted to take any picture. He climbed down quickly, that later we became overly wary what's more would have happened? We searched inside if theres any peep hole or secret CCTV inside the villa.

This incident was such a blow, I made complaint to the owner. The owner informed us there was construction site neighbouring the lot, the worker was the pervert. 

Tips and guide for Ubud :
1. Check on Bali art scene in Ubud town center. Filled with traditional Balinese crafts.

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2. See at least one of the paid dance in Ubud town. I went to Barong & Legong Dance. Totally worth it. Authentic Balinese tradition infront of your eyes.
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3. Stay at deep inside the secluded area . I stayed at Motama Villa. With pool overlooking paddy field, the view was breathtaking.

4. But watch for the pervert if you choose to stay at Motama. Same with in any part of the Island, look after your belongings.

5. Nearby place of interest - Tegallalang stepped paddy field. But if you stay in Ubud itself you cant go wrong, theres pura every corner you walk.
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6. While you at Tegallalang, try kopi luwak- locally made coffee fermented by fox excretes. The fox consumed an arabica coffee, its fermented inside the animal body for 24 hours. The coffee oroginal shape stays intact when its out of the body, only the taste is enhanced.
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7. Rent a motor bike . But be careful , tourist accident on bike seems like a normal encounter. A motorbike rammed into the wall in the picture below, police presents not long after.
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8. Try local food. Don't be afraid to sample any of local streets food. While having street food most of the time, I had the best breakfast served at the Villa I stayed
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