Bali Guide Part 2 - Kecak dance in hideous costume

After a 2 nights stay in Motama Villa Ubud ( HERE) , I felt totally rejuvenated. It's nice to stay in a 2 different places during the vacation, one being in a lush jungle and another one by the seaside. Legian area is popular for it's several kilometer long sandy beach, with hundreds of seaside resort and villa I stayed at Mutiara Bali Resort & Spa. Legian is not too far from Seminyak.

The beach was just a short walk from the resort, along the way there were restaurants and street vendors selling delicious street food. I had 2 bowls of  'Bakso' a traditional fish-ball soup.
Bali traffic were madness. The narrow road and the road planning back in the olden days are not meant for modern transportation. The road were heavily congested in most main road leading to main town.

The 4 visited places while staying in Legian were :

1.Legian Beach. Several kilometers of white sandy beach you are blown away with the vast vista. Balinese tradition of 'offering ceremony' is meant for 'God of the Sea' ?

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2. A daytrip to Uluwatu, located at the small peninsula at the south of Bali. Many people suggested to see 'Kecak Dance' but after wasted nearly 2 hours I regretted for not doing other thing. The dance performance is filled with repetitive chanting, the storyline derived from archipelago's old saga about battles. But I couldn't understand the characters wearing a hedious cloths and masks as the story performed. Even the spectators slowly leaving their seats.

If I've known the dance was that, I could have skipped it and watch the sun sets into the sea. It was such a glorious view. A high vantage point about 100 feet above the sea at the edge of a cliff, it is one of world's best place to see sunset.

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3. A trip to Pura Tanah lot - This temple is one of the sacred temple for Balinese. Located on top of rock by the beach, years of land erosion leaving the temple as its floating on the water 100 meters from the main land.
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4. Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Jimbaran. Located on a barren land enroute Kuta - Uluwatu, this massive cultural park was planned to have a huge mall and park. It is devoted to the Hindu God Vishnu, and his mount, Garuda, the mythical bird who become his companion. But the bird hasn't been erected, leaving Vishnu alone incomplete in picture below:
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