Foreign beggars on streets of KL

It caught my attention to snap pictures at red traffic light while driving on SILK Highway junction Kajang to Plus. This beggar walked from one car to another asking for donation with his misery expression. The modus operandi is simple :

1. Walk pass the driver's side while cars stop of red light at big traffic junction from the front to last car .

2. Tap window asking for donation with hand gesture to mouth ( a sign to buy food to eat ?). Some are 'civil' that they are giving face tissue in exchange for money. 1 pack of facial tissue cost 30cent but usually people gives RM 1.00

3. Walk to the last car. When the light turns green, step up to road shoulder. Now walk back to stop line and when the traffic light is red, start the above all over again ! Imagine how much easy money they get?

This beggars clearly foreign national and came under tourist visa. They become beggars for 3 months when the visa expires the flew back to origin country. And then come back to do the same. It was revealed this is their tactic in one of local tv documentary.

Oh the pride of life.

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