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Do you need travel insurance ?

This is the million-dollar question  and ultimately a personal decision. In my solo years of travelling I have never gotten travel insurance and couldnt care less to get one or even to select it in the flight booking website such as Ryanair or Airasia.
Thankfully I have never experience horror stories or injured or hospitalised during past years of travel. One experience I remembered was having a bad diarrhoea while backpacking but that was nothing. So the answer is YES.
Why? Because shit happens. Whether you think it will or not. Despite your best-laid plans and preventative measures.

Real life example

Recently Malaysian were stunned on a story of Malaysian who attended daughter's graduation in London and sufferred a stroke upon landing at Heathrow. He was admitted into Charing Cross Hospital, 3 weeks in ICU the bills accumulated to £46,000 (RM250,000) ! This family unfortunately doesn't have medical or travel insurance. The family then launched a fundraising campaign and thankfully the fund was able to pay the hospital bills and the cost of him being flown home with doctor on board.

For a peace of mind because shit happens

Take this as a cautionary tale , we will be travelling to 2 countries in Europe next month and this is my call to start travelling with a peace of mind.
I purchased AIG travel insurance online. There are 3 insurance plan - Deluxe, Standard and Basic. 

The Standard option suits me than the basic one, since we will be having a connecting flights, I am a bit wary about flight delays plus layovers in Istanbul where bombing incident has been a regular occurrence since January. This insurance plan covers travel cancellation, travel curtailment up to RM10,000 , travel delay and baggage delay for up to RM1500.

There are other travel insurances offering similar packages but this one we chose as it can be purchased online. Reading customer review AIG is such a reliable one and good customer service if you happen making any claim.

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  1. Yes you should buy it never no what can happened ....great information

  2. Yes you should buy it never no what can happened ....great information