PokémonGO craze

This augmented reality game launched few days ago in Malaysia has hit the country by storm. The virtual creatures known as variety of pokémon appearing in smartphone camera view when you download and login the apps.

I was never a game person/boy, the most game i played was a Need For Speed (decades ago) and solitaire BUT I got sucked into the craze when my partner downloaded the apps to my phone without my knowledge. She played it and while I scrolling and navigating to know what the fuss its all about,  I ended up playing it.

Within a day I caught bats, fish, snake, sproute and crab. Its funny you thought you are the odd one locked to the phone screen while walking, then you realised the walker next to you is also chasing the virtual creatures.

What has technology turn human into? There was a pile up accident in US freeway today according to the news apparently caused by a driver made a stop in the middle of highway to catch a pokemon.

PokemonGO Craze. Top left day view, right night view , the virtual creatures lying about to be caught.

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