Queueing at 2am to get passport renewed ?

For the past few weeks Malaysian felt the outrageous and dissapointment when renewing or making a new passport, one has to join the queu as early as 2 am just to get the number to be attended. Its beyond ridiculous !

And getting on the line doesn’t guarantee you getting your passport done either , its a limited number per day issued in every branch. Like yesterday I arrived at Kelana Jaya Branch at 8am, from afar I saw the queu snaked around the shopfront row for some 200m away, I knew I was already late. Nearly half dissapointed that the allocated passports has already been given out, I went to Kajang Immigration Branch straight after. To my disspointment I was greeted with ‘ HARAF MAAF, NOMBOR GILIRAN UNTUK HARI INI TELAH HABIS’ .

queuing as early as 2am to get passport renewed, its beyond ridiculous.

br /> Passport issuance had been plagued with delivery problem since May many didn't got it renewed as the supply was severely limited due to issues of faulty chips in the passport data.

My family including mom, dad, sisters , wife and my baby are planning for holiday abroad this September, 4 needed renewal and 1 needed a new passport, thats for my baby. Today mom dad and sister went at 5am joining the line, it was already hundreds of people. As the office opened at 8am , dad got his number, under priority category for an elderly 60 years of age and above – didn’t know this. So mom swooped in, had a talk with officer and got herself through, she wasn't in her 60s yet haha.

Me, wife and baby still at home waiting updates from sister, she was my doppelganger, luckily they gave her number with the caveat of the person renewing passport has to show his/her face to collect it. So we rushed in. When we arrived we saw people have cardboard paper bed-sheet lying on the floor next to still-running mosquito repellent! They slept at the foyer last night.

To my surprise there was priority counter for infant too !

Have I known this info way earlier, I would not need to go through the chaotic of driving from a branch to another. I would have just arrive at the Immigration office's door at 9am, shove my baby to their face and say "Excuse me I want to make a passport for my baby and to renew myself".

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