Tips on getting books for babies

My baby is now 7 months old and he loves playing with remotes and keys. We got some toys around the house but it seems that he is more interested in grown-up things rather than kid stuff. However he loves it when we hand him books. Here are some tips when you want to get your children books:

BABY NIGHT-NIGHT - Indestructible siries

1. Must not be heavy. 
When they are very small, you will probably be reading and showing the books to them when you are lying on your back. It could be a bit of a workout if the books are heavy. So get small or thin or just non-heavy books for you to read or show them. As they get a bit bigger and start grabbing things, you can be assured that they wont smack themselves with the heavy books, or worse not be interested at all with those books since they cant lift or hold on to them.

2. Soft books / Fabric books. 
These goes without saying. These kinds of books are safe for them to chew on and it would not hurt if they smack themselves against it, and it is easily washable if it gets too dirty. Usually fabric and soft books also comes with a teether and have textures on them, so it is multi-purpose as it also helps with baby's sensory developments. You can find these books everywhere, even IKEA * has them. THIS * is the example of IKEA's soft book.

3. Books with words or stories.
Maybe I'm not imaginative enough but if there are no words in the books, I just don't know what to do! I find reading words that are already on the books with funny voices works best.

4. Small books.
This is purely because we travel a lot. We will always reach out to the smaller books as it is easier to chuck into our carry-on and it doesn't weigh much. Small books are good too as babies think that they are toys and would usually just bite onto them.

Ikea's soft baby/toddler book
5. The Indestructible Series.
I love this book. We only have the Baby Night-night * so far but I am definitely going to get more. They really are indestructible: babies can chew on them and throw them into the water, you can wash them in the washing machine and it doesn't tear. So handy especially if your baby is like ours who loves ripping papers apart.

So yeah, those are my tips on getting books for your babies, hopefully it was helpful in cultivating a reading culture in our children!

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