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Bali Guide Part 3 - Sanur is something different !

Who doesn’t love Bali ?

I made a pact with my wife that we would go to Bali at least once a year. This trip was our second time in 2017, was here in March, why do we liked Bali so much ? First let me tell you that there are thousands villas, hotels, resorts and guesthouse in Bali. You could find any deal that best fits your budget. From lower range to the most luxury ones, surely Bali meets most peoples financial means. Secondly, where I came from, to have a villa/experience I needed to spent nearly twice the cost, but even that doesn’t give similar cultural and sight experiences. These villas are scattered all over Bali, either at the top of hill secluded in lush jungle or along seaside overlooking the ocean.  I want to experience them all, all region.

Blissfully fantastic !

We stayed for two nights at Katala Villa Sanur booked through expediamy with our 18month old baby. It totally lived up to my expectation, behind the exterior was a relaxing, tranquil place, peace and quiet. 

The villa layout consists of separate room and dining hall featured with outdoor plunge pool, our son couldnt wait to dive into the pool everytime he sees it. We were given villa no 4, its a 2 bedroom villa (the other room is locked) I would assume the compund for this villa is slightly bigger than the 1 bedroom type. 
The villa complex was tucked away from the main road so you don't get the sounds of busy traffic.
Location is secluded yet convinient, a short walk to sanur main road. The only gripe i have was intermittent intenet/wifi-very poor to non-existent. The hotel operator should upgrade this or they need to take out free wifi in their description. Thankfully the satellite tv lessen my anger on the shitty wifi, we watched countless latest film on our bed. It was an equivalent of a year films in just 2 nights stay ! 
The villa operator prepared our breakfast all served at the dining next to the pool. Pure luxury !
Second day staying we encountered scary moment when we saw a small centipede crawled out from underneath of our sleeping baby on bed !!! After an hour or so we noticed no bit mark on my baby luckily. But he was crying longer than usual. When i told the reception, she said its due to rainy season. 

Sanur something different
A short walk from the the villas back door we would reach main road with all convenient stores, restaurant laundrymart and further walk we would reach Pantai Karang Sanur. Walking along the beach footpath was relaxing, wasn’t too crowded with local touts selling crafts and whatnots. The beach was pretty laidback but nothing exceptional. 
Night market

About 15 minutes walking  along Sanur main road towards the north, you would find Sanur Night market. This is where you can taste local foods. 

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