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Ubud Heaven Sayan Villa threw out our valuable item in the trash?

We stayed at Ubud Heaven Sayan, Ubud Bali- 29 Apr,2019 and this entry is about about complain to the Villa on their careless staffs throwing out valuable item and denying it. The villa refused to accept their mistake about throwing out teeth retainer put in a glass next to wash basin in the toilet. They refused to compensate the missing item during our checkout so after our trip ends i made official complain to

Such ashamed having experience staying at this gorgeous villa but tainted by this incident.

This is my copy of complain email to 


We like to make a complaint about our missing item - teeth retainer-placed in the glass next to basin in the toilet.

On our second day before we left for sightseeing, we told the reception NOT to clean the bedroom and toilet and I locked the room. Requested to clean outside the dining kitchen area only.

When we came back around 7pm the room section ie the bed and toilet section were all cleaned and made up. I remember the teeth retainer was placed inside the glass to the left of wash basin, but the glasses were replaced. I completely believed it has been thrown out in the bin, and the bin also has been replaced. We realised this when my wife wanted to use it before sleeping around 12 midnight, we didn’t want to make complain at that hour.

The next morning we told the breakfast delivery staff about the missing item, later the housekeeping guys came we told them, and they acknowledged and aware of the item while cleaning. But not accepting to the fact that they have thrown it out by mistake. I have searched all area and not to be found, the room was locked before and we can confirmed it was in the glass when we left.

Later i spoke with the supervisor and he refused to admit the careless of their housekeeping staff. I requested the villa to replaced or pay the equivalent cost of it RM500. He said he will search it their refuse centre but untill today i have not receive any updates from them. I left all my detail of home country and our next stay in Bali but I believed they will just ignore and dismiss the incident.

Im requesting you to investigate and wish to have refund ie reverse creditcard payment on the stay at the villa amounting the cost of missing teeth retainer RM500. It is a custom made item.

This incident would not have happened if they did not clean the bedroom and toilet as requested. The communication between guest and staff and among them were poor !

After back and forth email to (they seem to have multiple staff replying a template emails ) I lost my cool and I called their support department for verbal complaint. After 6 days from checkout date I received email from expedia as below:

This is my reply and  as of today it is still unresolved 

Thank you for your update.

How long is the validity of free 1 night complimentary stay ?
Are they going to email 1 night stay voucher to me?

The RM80 coupon from expedia with the complimentary free stay would equivalent to RM500 - the price of the missing teeth retainer?

I still prefer the cash refund in the form of reverse creditcard charges. But will consider.

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