A hazy nation ?

I hate Indonesia ! Every year south east Asian region is covered with grey air grey sky filled with dust and burnt particles. Malaysian, Singaporean, part of Thailand and Indonesian itself have to suffer breathing an intoxicated oxygen, why are you so selfish for your own agriculture works?

This pandemic hasn’t stop re-occurring every damn year for decades !

Breaking news : It got worst this year in 2015 when the haze started in July continued till end October. Indonesia are you burning your whole country?

The choking haze which has persisted over Malaysia and Singapore for months cost the economies of both countries hundreds of millions of dollars that covers all aspects of daily life – lost productivity, lost tourism and lost workdays through respiratory illness. Thick smoke from Indonesian forest fires permeates all walks of life on the Malay peninsula and Borneo. Schools have closed, flights are being cancelled, not to mention poor quality of life during this period where people are stuck advised to stay indoors.

This also contributed by useless citizen in my own country who did open burning that triggered uncontrollable fire on northsouth hihgway near Sungai Buloh Rest-stop. Picture below taken while I was driving up north June 2012 when the haze reached unhealthy IPU reading. Whoever did this shame on you!

I felt my human right to breath clean air is violated, for a very long time already, this must be put to an end.

The longer the haze has continued, the shorter the tempers in Singapore and Malaysia have become over the inability to stop the fires spreading uncontrollably. Singapore has began legal proceedings under its Trans-boundary Haze Pollution Act against Indonesian companies whom are believed in part to be behind the haze.While haze has been an annual problem for decades, the severity of this year’s smog is being blamed by experts on the El Nino phenomenon, which brings drought and drier weather than normal to South East Asia.

Well maybe Indonesia SHOULD NOT started the fire in the first place

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