A non-existent public-transport etiquette

KTM should put a huge sign saying let the passengers exiting before you can barge in ! KL metro ( lrt, ktm,monorail) really has turn into an immigrants mode of vehicles. These immigrants clearly don’t have manners and etiquette. If you standing and blocking the exit path how the hell people can get out? You clearly eyeing for a seat but there are other people who are more in need you old middle eastern bastard ! And the same old bastard takes up too much of a space when seating. Really how big is your asshole ?

Not to mention the smell of B.O! Hey onion and garlic chewer, can you at least put some deodorant or refrain yourselves breathing the same oxygen with the rest of us ?

A pregnant woman can’t stand for long they need to sit. An introduction of ‘ Ladies Coach ‘ is highly applauded, but this is not enough. Occasionally females get into the normal coach, that is allowed but men totally not allowed in designated female coach. "It's uncomfortable" quoting my wife.

Makes it worst , after a guy getting into ladies coach,conveniently  another guy follow suits. You think the presence of another guy in the coach makes it acceptable? Do you have a vagina or two? You guys are really uncivilized period.

I was on my trip from one KTM station at the suburb to city center that I was shocked upon walking to the elevator to cross the track, to be greeted by a pile of shit in front of lift door ! What the hell is this ? The station is under an upgrading work to be incorporated with KVMRT line so there are screens everywhere. Conveniently some odd corner is perfect for this low-life to dump. What prompted me to use an elevator was because the staircase to cross the platform itself was a design failure. The steep incline and the narrow steps is a design failure, far from being user-friendly.

Dear KTMB and Kementerian Pengangkutan, if you want to attract the middle-class and professional working class citizen using the public transport, these little detail should be emphasized and solved. With vision 2020 the Malaysian’s target to reach a developed nation standard, everyone should educate themselves when they step on the platform. I must say the low income group of people, the immigrants from poor nations are usually the group who lack public etiquette. This keeps away the working professional to adapt public transport as the main mode of transportation.

I myself if I smelled a stinky armpit and stinky shoes from the standing person next to me, I could vomit ! What are other public pet peeves or stupid acts in public transport do you hate?

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