Taking train while pregnant : A lament to selfish souls

It's annoying enough that I felt to punch every bastard who barges the coach before passengers alight. And I felt even  angrier when pregnant woman getting inside the coach, the seated assholes pretending not to notice her and other more in need passengers. What a bunch of low class citizen.

You can ride a first service but you can't change your third class mentality.

These are twitter caption of a pregnant woman who uses train as her mode of commuting to work in a rush morning hour and coming home . This inconsiderate behavior are more noticeable in the return home trip after work.

I feel for this lady.

"Sometimes I ask myself if its ok to go to a person pretending not seeing a pregnant person and play with thier phone and just freaking flip the phones to their faces the answer is yes."

"if you're not pregnant you should stand because you are not pregnant "

"Maybe I don't look pregnant enough to warrant a seat"

"Sometimes in the train someone gives me a seat after I've been standing for a while and I want to cry real tears there and then"

"There were two big people sharing three seats. I pray I never be that big."

"1. She's big, by giving here one seat there are two spaces for two people to stand."

"2. Sometimes pregnant people are clumsy. They can trip even while standing (trust me). If you give them a seat they wont fall into people around. 

"3.You helped her not to be stressed. Because when standing in a crowd pregnant woman worry someone might elbow their tummy/baby.

"Why cant everyone just pretend they are sleeping like what I used to do to avoid needing to give up seats"

Do you think pregnant women entitled to have seat and able- bodied MUST give up their seats?

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