Solo travel to Turkey - Istanbul Guide

I flew from Heathrow to Istanbul by British Airway. First time flying on BA but second time being in Istanbul. I was here 3 years ago. Istanbul is the first stop of my Middle East trip which will conclude in Sharm El-Sheihk, Egypt.

Taksim nostalgic tram and tram mimicked cart selling hard to chew Simit 

Traditional turkish breakfast

Favoutite passtime : fishing by the sea of Marmara

It was great the last time as it was during spring and pleasant temperature but today just an average summer
days that the fan in my dorm isn't effective enough to keep the room comfortable to sleep. But free wi-fi in the dorm is much thankful for. I arrived at Sultan Hostel in Sultanahmet around 2 pm and pretty easy to find. I can't really remember if I was in the same hostel 3 years ago as the room layout and orientation are very peculiar.  Good atmosphere. I'm sharing in this mixed dorm with 3 male backpackers from La spezia, Cinque Tere where I was last week ! There is German girl in the dorm who just stopping over from her Thailand/Cambodia trip too. The Italian travelers are on their summer trip backpacking through Balkan countries where Turkey is their second stop from Bulgaria.

I'm staying here only a night before checking out in the morning. The boys asked me to join them sightseeing Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace all in the vicinity.

I'm joining them before catching a nightbus to Selcuk to see Ephesus, Hierapolis and Pamukkale.

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