Turkey guide - Konya & Adana


After 3 hours on top of plateau I went down to the busstop office where the driver dropped me. I paid the ticket 35 Lira earlier from the busstop office to Konya. The bus operator explained that I had to be there an hour before the departure at 7.30 pm because they were going to transfer me to the coach at Denizli Otogar. That’s what I understood. 

At 6.30 I asked the operator where’s the bus? He unashamedly gave me 2 Lira and demanded me to walk down 100 meters and wait for the town bus that heading to Denizli Otogar (main bustop). I said what? That’s not what were you saying before. I understood the dolmus supposed to pick me up to Denizli. I confronted them but it’s hopeless. This kind thing really bothers me in Turkey. What were said before transactions turn a different thing after. 

For 35 Lira, 10 Lira went to their pocket. BASTARD ! 

Time to depart to Konya was approaching and it’s hopeless arguing with this cheecky Turkish, and to skip the drama I walked down and wait for the bus. I could have just go and avoid the confrontation but realizing that I would have ended up walking elsewhere than the busstop (how would I know)and possibly miss the bus, I argued with them. 
Konya was once the capital of Sultanate of Rum, known in Turkish as Anadolu Selçukluları

Luckily they were other passengers waiting and small chat with them, they said it took 25 minutes to the main busstop and it was 6.55pm already! The town dolmus(mini bus) arrived later and picked and dropped passengers on the way. Finally arrived at 7.25pm and nearly missed the bus to Konya.

Another night bus journey leaving Selcuk to Konya for 7 hours. Do they always allocating foreign traveler on the same seat number? I find it weird even different bus companies allocated me the same seat 2 journey in a row. Istanbul to Selcuk and Selcuk to Konya , 29 is my lucky seat number. But if you read further it’s not so lucky.I find Turkish outside big cities are polite and being themselves not like in Istanbul for instant. The Turk boy that I was seating next to was polite and respectful. I offered a snack to eat together but politely refuse with his hand gesture on his stomach meaning full from dinner.

 In Istanbul every person you bump into always being friendly with straight-up question “ Where are you from?” but  they just want to sell their carpet, eat in their kebab restaurant, ripping off polishing tourist shoes, or sell their cheap tourist related stuff.

This trip yet another night journey which was nothing can be seen outside. And arriving at 2am made it eventful. I didn’t book hostel accommodation because there were none in Konya!.Was thinking of looking for it soon after arriving but the bus station or Otogar (Turkish term) is 14 kilometers away from Konya's main sites of interest, most of which are located around Alaaddin Tepesi. 

I was so sleepy and nowhere to go then I decided to stay inside Otogar terminal. It was half 2am and people wandering around and inside and I found nice spot to lay off my head.I managed to sleep although public and strange space like this never been my bed. After 4 hours sleep on uncomfortable 3-in-a-row chair I was woken up by the Otogar supervisor. 

Later I took a tram for 2 lira in 30 minutes ride to Konya’s main sight around Aladdin Tepesi. I was not a familiar face and there’s not many tourist either so I got stared most of the time. Where to go? Dropped off at the last tram stop and walkabout I saw 6 storey 4 star Hotel. Otel Selcuk lookslike being there since 70’s. I entered in and single bed cost 80 Lira(around €40) so I thought that’s average. 

Konya was once the capital of Sultanate of Rum, known in Turkish as Anadolu Selçukluları, a situation which resulted in much of the architectural heritage visible today. At the heart of the city lies the circular Aladdin Park, a low hill dominated by Aladdin Mosque, Konya’s largest. 

The next day I went to Mevlana Museum. The former lodge of the Whirling Dervishes, it is topped by a brilliant turqouis-tiled dome - one of the most inspiring images of Turkey.

One of my wish while I was in Turkey was to see the real 'Whirling Dervishes' or Sema in Mevlana Mosque Konya. Such an interesting act to see they spin and twirl but I wasn't lucky as they performed on Tueday and Thursday. I arrived on Saturday.

I was ready to take the famous train travel to Syria by Torros Express only to know the service still temporarily unavailable. It has been 3 years of upgrading work and no sign of when it’s going to resume. That’s left me with another bus ride to Adana then to Antakya. 

Abandoned shoplots

Departed at 2pm and arrived around 9.30pm. I needed to be in Antakya(hatay) on the same day for border crossing to Syria. Soon I was approached by bus tout and told him I wanted to go to Hatay that night. Like everywhere else in Turkey, “no service anymore tonight” he said, always a cheeky way to use his service the next day.

I had Adana kebab meal soon after that. It was very tasty ! I thought there must be bus service to Hatay because if they have overnight journey in any other part in Turkey there must one there too. And I was right. 

For 18 Lira I bought the ticket departing at 10.30 an hour after arriving Adana and after a delicious Adana kebab.

The journey continues in the next entry.

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