Turkey guide - Pamukkale & Hieropolis

After having Turkish Menemel breakfast I left the hostel for Pamukkale. This Atilla Hostel located 5 km outside Selcuk and on the main road to Denizli ( Pamukkale’s next main town). The Dolmus brought small amount of travellers daytripping to Pamukkale from Selcuk and took about 3 hours journey. The journey was better than the night before. Along the road there were silver dome mosques in every small village next to main road.

Pamukkale ( or cotton castle) is renowned for gleaming white ledges (travertines) with pools that flow down under the plateu edge. For 20 Lira I paid to get in and climbed the hill above Pamukkale village.
It was spectacular seeing clear water cascading over white limestones terraces. And the view from the top plateu was beautiful. However the white pools were also an assault for my eyes. I never thought that people go there to bath and swim at the pool other than appreciating the natural wonders. That’s why I was seeing a lot of women and men with bathing suit from the entrance climbing up. It’s definitely not a sight to see, seeing half naked fat old men and women bathing.

Behind this fragile natural wonder lie the magnificent ruins of the Roman city Hieropolis, an ancient spa resort. Ruins, ruins, ruins. I nearly bored with ruins but 20 Lira was a lot so I went into the the site anyway.

The ruins of Hieropolis is including a huge theatre, a colonnade street, a latrine building and a vast necropolis. Between Hieropolis and travertine was the spa resort, the popular bathing pool littered with fragment of marble column. Another assault for my eyes!

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