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IKEA's reply on faulty bolt

I wrote about my unfortunate encounter on the faulty Bolt during the assembly of 'Riga' clothes hanger HERE and posted it on IKEA's facebook page.

Ikea Canada's replies won me, that is how customer service should treat a customer. They asked me to provide a complete mailing address that they are going to mail it over, all the way from Canada! It is such a surprise as it was a tiny faulty bolt that I would assume nobody couldn't careless about it. Kudos to Ikea Canada.

Ikea Malaysia however only replied after few days probably prompted by comments made by Ikea Canada. It is such a hassle for me to make a second trip in a really bad traffic some 50km across town just to replace a faulty tiny bolt. The size of the missing link doesnt justify the time spent driving just to get my cloths hanger finally assembled. Ikea stuff is one of a kind so I dont think I can get it at the hardware store below my apartment. So yeah another trip to IKEA.
Immediate reply from Ikea Canada

Kudos to Ikea Canada that went to an extra mile 
to send the right bolt by post !

Reply from Ikea Malaysia

Though this item isn't a big piece of furniture nor its an expensive one, do you think a customer should get complimentary items on this unfortunate faulty bolt incident ?

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