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Petronas Twin Tower the icon of Kuala Lumpur. Despite modern skyscrapers,
KL still boast its artscene like in Central market 
It is a long weekend break in Malaysia in conjunction with Chinese New Year public holiday for Monday -Tuesday, my office is off for one full week. Eversince moving to new place and decorating it, rather than buying those fancy painting and artsy picture for the decor, I had a thought of doing the painting myself. That way I have my personal touch to the wall painting in the living room. I actually have a gifted hand - freehand sketch was my forte, I took architecture in college, one of prerequisite qualification to get entry. But it was way long ago the last time I sketch using pencil and painting in watercolour medium.  So today I went to KL city to get stuff to get intouch my childhood hobbies... to paint and sketch.

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The shop selling the art supplies located next to Central Market downtown KL, one of KL tourist spot. Central Market used to be a fish / wet market for the town center during the colonial time, was erected back in the year 1888. Nowadays it houses a maze of handycrafts, artisans , souvenir alike material mainly for tourist. The retail outlets located on 2 floors selling wooden souvenirs, batik, traditional utensils, ornaments, pewter ( Malaysian product Selangor Pewter officially sold here ) and also an array of food stalls and restaurants. Parallel to the building is Kasturi Walk - a pedestrian avenue with a scattered of kiosk selling similar stuff inside. Usually Central Market is where the tourist bus would drop their passengers to get souvenirs. But the items are too overpriced. Within 5 minutes walk you can get slightly similar stuff , more like fake branded stuff like handbags, garments and watches in Little Chinatown. It is known as Petaling Street to local.

Local Tips

A good advise to anyone  - DO NOT even attempt to buy in China Town or try your luck in haggling because you will be deadly offended. Locals are not immune to this.

The sellers are harsh bastard akin of gangsters. Not only you will be ripped but you'll be scolded and yelled at if you touch the stuff but not buying it. These sellers are IDIOTS.

Central Market or Pasar Seni , Fish market-turn-to-Art Center. One of must visit spot in Kuala Lumpur.
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A photo posted by News Media Website (@naeldaily) on

Back to Central Market. The Annex building at the other end of the entrance is where the artist / painter doing their life sketching and painting specifically a portrait pictures. The is the part that one would enjoy the most seeing the portraits being hung on the wall next to the artist doing the life painting himself.

So I finally went to the art shop. After contemplating, should I get it here or buy a more cheaper option online, I decided no-buying-stuff today. Will get easel, brushes and paints online. It cost half the price via ebay,  the stuff shipped from India.

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