Visiting the new Ikea Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Ikea has opened its second branch in Malaysia aside from its Mutiara Damansara outlet, in Cheras at the fringe of KL Golden Triangle on 19th November 2015. I took the chance to visit and buy some stuff this weekend. ( for Malay version click HERE )

The new Ikea Cheras, a stone throw from KLCC
I live in the south of Klang Valley and google maps apps showed it will take 45 minutes to reach the outlet with 3 alternative routes. I chose the route less traffic by Silk Highway to Cheras on Saturday afternoon. I finally arrived after 1 and half hour driving ! I would think similar shoppers would feel disinterested to drive because one its located right smack in nowhere. There's no major highway linking directly  it to the outlet. With the size of this complex (including future annex IPC) seamless traffic from highway would contribute to the successful of store like this. You have to pass through tiny road with traffic lights and flyover every 100 meter. To get to Jalan Cochrane where its located, you need to endure heavy traffic jam in addition to traffic disruption due to on going construction work in the vicinity.

I think the location and road infrastructure of Ikea Cheras is poor. The location doesn't leave a good shopping experience although its located a stone throw from Berjaya Time Square and you can see KLCC clearly. It is surrounded by medium cost apartment and nearly rundown shop house rows. Surely shoppers come by driving not using public transport with their heavy furniture purchase. This is different at Ikea Mutiara Damansara where it is located just next to the intersection of  LDP and Sprint Highway, and in the newly developed neighbourhood of Damansara Perdana, the infrastructure including the city planning looks well planned.

Road flyover, traffic light and more traffic light, roundabouts and here I finally arrived

After passing though few traffic light and roundabout and heavily congested tiny road I was directed to pass by the on going construction to reach into basement parking. The parking driving direction is a bit confusing with cars back to back , there was RELA (police assistant dept) helping as the parking marshal. I was a bit lucky to have found the parking spot (maybe not many are visiting yet). The rentable shop outlet still unoccupied at the entrance foyer to the lift going up.

Drive in - look -buy - eat - go home

The main foyer area is where the finger food kiosk located ( Ikea currypuff is still a hot stuff) to the right and the row of cashier to the left. Then the path is leading to the escalator bringing visitor to gallery area on the 1st floor. The layout is pretty much the same at Ikea Mutiara Damansara.

The path is :
1) going up to the galleries  
2) detour to all gallery section 
3) ended by Meatball restaurant 
4) taking escalator down to self pick-up shelf are 
5) pay your stuff at cashier 
6) finished and back to main foyer area.

Where did they get this cup I wonder?
After paying to get the finger food meal of a hotdog + soda drink and a bag of currypuff, i was told to wait as the currypuff was in the frying and was given an empty paper cup. Ikea still in its fine tuning phase i think.

The drink is a self service drink that they provide drink dispenser machines near the main entrance, visitor fill the drink themselves.

I stood up at one corner, while having the meal and drink, I saw a nearly veteran couple were looking other people with cups weirdly. They walk around while looking at the drink dispenser in a strange look ' where the hell is the cup located?' They must thought it's free drinks with free cups.

Few minutes later I was interrupted by this senior citizen asking  " hey buddy where did you get this cup ? " and I replied the cup is given empty by the counter after you purchased stuff the the kiosk. They must have thought it's a canteen where people get a free drinks and refills. haha

Nearly 2 hours wandering around and getting my stuff I called it a day went down to drive home. I was walking with my trolley in between bumper to bumper cars and non-stop honking. Arriving at my car I was greeted by this visitor that she has marked my spot for her family's car not too far from my spot. She must have seen me walking with trolley to get off the building from far. One of the challenge of shopping in busy city area is free carparking bays.

"Ikea is instagram worthy picture let's pose"

Coming out the basement parking, the road leading in and out still congested. I saw a group of teenager posing at the unfinished pedestrian walk with IKEA wall as the backdrop.

Can you be more tacky? Oh my god this is mediocrity right in-front of me. This is the post on twitter-instagram generation where sharing a meaningless pictures and anecdotes to the online community is their favorite pastime.

I left Ikea Cheras with the bathroom storage cabinet ( click HERE ) I bought reaching home at dusk. Probably my first and the last time visiting this Ikea until next year or two.

I feel my shopping experience wasn't as good and smooth as I hoped it would be. I enjoyed and feel more comfortable shopping at Ikea Mutiara Damansara.

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