What I got from IKEA today

On my previous post I've detailed up my shopping journey to the newly opened Ikea Store at Cheras, downtown Kuala Lumpur. You can read it HERE .

Today I want to share the things I've bought. I moved to my new place few month ago and started furnishing it immediately but hasn't been fully furnished yet. Ikea products is the furnishing trend for most of urban folks who has the access to get their items. I like its minimalist and catchy looking , the price is affordable with its durability. Depends on your taste there's different range of products suiting your budget. 

So today I bought bathroom cabinet 'Fullen' placed under the washbasin in my second bathroom. 

This cabinet is easy to assemble but after getting it done I realized the gap between the door-leaf is too wide, there's no way to adjust to make it less gap-py as shown in the manual. 

It comes with plastic legs , it can be placed either:

1) Leave it on the floor with legs like in this picture or 

2) Without legs, the cabinet is raised up closer to the bottom of washbasin (concealing all pipe work) and be fixed to the wall tile as if it's hanging. 

There's screw brackets inside the cabinet. I have tried the option 2 and it looks neater without legs and the floor is easy to clean. I just need to drill the wall to fix the screw up.

Actually the ornamented mirror is also from IKEA. My place has turned into IKEA gallery haha.


Few months ago I bought potted plant. It has been taken care with love since. It grows and blossoming that its starts to branch out. Today I bought another potted plant price of RM1.90 and the steel vase of RM3.90. So now I have 2 potted plants as a living entity in my new house.

Left: plant bought today  Right : plant bought 2 months ago and blossoming
There are few more items I need to have. Hemnas console table and mirror, another bathroom cabinet and pipe hose.  Based on my visit to IKEA Cheras, I wouldnt go there again but will go to their first outlet at Mutiara Damansara.

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