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Istanbul guide- Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque

After having our basic Turkish breakfast which was egg, cucumber,some bread and butter, we strolled down Sultanahmet  area. The top 3 sight in Istanbul located here where the Blue Mosque and Haghia Sophıa are side by side. At the other end is Topkapi Palace.

I went inside Hagia Sophia last time and again this tıme. Nothing is changing. There was still steel scaffolding from floor to the top of the dome. I dont get it why the preservation and restoration works take so many years. To be honest it spoils the grandness of column-less space and for 20 Lira ıts totally not worth it.

Top Hagia Sophia, a well preserved Islamic chaligraphy . A church turn to mosue turn to museum. Bottom, Blue Mosque, named after the blue iznik tile.

The Blue Mosque beside it is much better and nicer however. And ıts free entrance. Its one of the most beautiful Mosque ın the world. Later we went to Topkapi Palace. The view from the Palace towards Sea of Marmara was incredible and we could see the Asian side of Istanbul across Bosphorus Straıts too. The Dolmus picked me up from the hostel to the maın Busstation later for further overnight bus to Selcuk.

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Hagia Sofia Istanbul 

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