What I got from Ikea today - PART 2

On my previous visit to the new IKEA Cheras Malaysia HERE I've detailed up troublesome shopping experience and also a post about items bought that day ( click HERE ). The shopping experience was at ease and smooth at the first branch, so I decided to go to IKEA Mutiara Damansara in getting and making an interior design furnishing decor to my new apartment.

I am so eager to have a cozy, neat and not too cluttered place. Black brown is the color scheme of the door frame& panels and I opted this color scheme for the rest of my furniture.

So here's the haul of the day.

I adores this hat rack / coat hanger. There are thing that I need store and easy to get, this ledge perfectly meet my room usage. My books and hat now have a place to be stored. I fixed this ledge just above the ironing area, the rail and hook is for the ironed clothes to be worn the next day.
Hemnes hat rack / coat hanger. 

On my previous visit I bought bathroom cabinet 'FULLEN' assembled it and place it on my second bathroom. Today I got 'TYNGEN' tall bathroom cabinet for main bathroom. The door knob requires and drilling work to fasten the screw, I forgot to ask the driller to get this done. Nevertheles its very complementing to the bathroom tileworks.

Arstid wall lamp. Hemnes wall mirror
FULLEN' &  'TYNGEN' tall bathroom cabinet 

Hemnes full lenght wall mirror together with arstid wall lamp. Arstid lamp was already my chosen lamp fitting on the living area so this matches the overall area. The placement of hemnes mirror is at the hallway near entrance door.

RIBBA frame.

I had a hardtime getting a key holder that looks nice-but-not-tacky so I got an idea to be creative. I bought ikea RIBBA frame and fixed hooks to hang key rings to it. RIBBA frame is thick enough, the keys is framed nicely by picture frame.

And lastly Hemnes 8-drawer dresser.
Ikea HEMNES 8-drawer dresser. 
This dresser completes my living room for now. It is advisable to use the assembly service than doing it yourself , though it looks simple you need additional tools like machine driller. The size if it makes it not feasible to do it yourself.
I assembled all of small furniture except this one. It took 2 hours and 2 manpower to get this done. If you see the picture above you can notice one guy was setting out the house, another one getting the 8 drawers assembled.

Apart from this big items, I also got myself a box for loose items, RIBBA frames and picture frame ledge. . I was so exited to have picture ledge above this dresser. I write it more in  my next post, stay tuned !

Yes I've assembled and fixed the picture ledges on my living room wall, you can read and see how it turns out HERE  . What do you think?

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