Turkey guide - Ephesus Selçuk

From Istanbul to Selcuk by overnight bus was painful but the coach journey was like a plane trip service. Every coach in Turkey is equipped with this waiter/attendant that look after passenger's comfort by serving drinks and some snack entire journey. This guy came to every passenger to serve water/tea/juice on board. Similar like in a plane with less comfortable seats for 55 Lira. I left Istanbul from the hostel by Dolmus ( turkey's minivan )to the main bus station and from there we were transferred to an overnight bus. Stopped couple of time including a ferry ride crossing Sea of Marmara and reached Selcuk at 8am.

I stayed at this hostel 5 km away from Selcuk with a nice setting. The free pick up make up for its location being outside town centre. There's not much things to see in town anyway and I'm only staying for a night, I slept for couple of hours after 10 hour bus ride, I went to Ephesus late noon. It is the ruins of Roman time and the best-preserved classical city in East Mediterranean.

Ephesus, roman ruins in Selcuk top. Bottom Pamukkale

Back in the hostel I had the proper evening meal so far which was good. It's bbq chicken with mashed potatoes complete with turkish salad. I don't know the name for this because I'm not really a food enthusiast but I'd say it's part of Turkish meal.

Getting ready for another shorter bus journey tomorrow to Pamukkale and Hieropolis. Will spend couple of hours before continuing the journey to Konya - The birth of Whirling Devrish or Sufi Dance.

Next destination Pamukkale HERE.

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